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Belarusian Forest Portal BELWOOD.BY

Information and advertising project in the forestry business and related fields, created at the initiative and with the assistance of the Republican Timber Association.

Belarusian Forestry Portal is specially designed for people who are involved in the forest sector of the economy such as successful workers and business starters, who want to buy or sell products and equipment, to find or provide a service, to obtain the necessary information about the forest industry, and for people interested in the latest news or important events in this area.

Our aim - to concentrate and accumulate complete information about products, goods and services of Belarusian enterprises and individual entrepreneurs immediately related to the forest sector of the economy as well as to provide the maximum comfortable search of the information required and its further promotion.

You increase the opportunity for potential buyers to find and profit by Your goods and services. The market logic says if you are interested in clientele or partnership in certain country, then you look for it in the information resources of this country. Therefore, if a buyer wants to buy a product or service in Belarus, he will first and foremost seek on specially designed Belarusian websites. -is the first specialized Belarusian forest portal. That is why, potential buyers of Your goods and services will undoubtedly visit it and study your business proposals.

For your convenience, all portal content is divided into two blocks: The Catalogue and The Information block.

The Catalogue comprises the following sections:

  1. Forest production - here you can find or distribute information on a wide range of products, from seeds and round timber to ready-made houses of wood.
  2. Machinery, equipment and materials – is designed for suppliers of wood technology, machinery, equipment and materials as well as for people who are interested in used equipment and machinery or want to buy it new. It is possible to offer/choose the equipment for heaters working on wood or other bio fuels.
  3. Services – this section helps You find loggers, different contractors and offer Your services in the forestry and logging, sawing, drying or processing of wood, you can order or provide varied number of services from loading and transportation to decoration and repair services.
  4. Eco-tourism – it is specially tailored to encourage everyone to have a rest outdoors, to try oneself in hunting or fishing, to learn about picturesque places of Belarus, to find a place surrounded by almost wild nature to stay overnight and to breathe in the authentic beauty of this land. If you have a house, a cottage for rent and want to find new customers, want to be wide known you are welcome to join us.
  5. Businesses for Sale - section for those wishing to sell or acquire existing production facilities, operating businesses.
  6. Labor Market – this is an employment section where one can find an employee or a job.

The information block consists of the following sections:

  1. Services of the portal – the guidance on how to use the portal will make your search easier and comfortable. Complete information about actions under way is concentrated here.
  2. Useful information – News and advertisements, specialized exhibitions schedule, forest legislation and regulatory information, special literature, valuable advices and useful tips will help you stay on top of trends. You are welcome to share your point of view as well as to study our experts’ views on topical issues in the forestry sector.
  3. Participants of the Portal - detailed information about the participants of the portal is given in this section.